News – The Month in WordPress: May 2021 –

It’s really fun to contribute to something larger than yourself. Matt Mullenweg’s words in “The Commons of Images” episode of the WP Briefing podcast exemplify the core philosophy of the WordPress project,  especially as we inch closer to the next major release (version 5.8). This post covers exciting updates from the month of May. WordPress turns 18 WordPress… Read More »

News – WordPress at 18 –

Today marks the 18th anniversary of WordPress’ launch, a day that I fondly refer to as WordPress’ birthday, which means WordPress is 6,575 days old. To celebrate another turn around the sun, the community has had parties, we have shared data, and we have told our story. Since our last birthday we developed our 40th release and now… Read More »

News – Coloring Your Images With Duotone Filters –

Created by Alex Lende Beginning with WordPress 5.8, you can colorize your image and cover blocks with duotone filters! Duotone can add a pop of color to your designs and style your images to integrate well with your themes. Filters? Like on Instagram? Duotone doesn’t work in quite the same way as Instagram filters. Whereas Instagram filters do… Read More »

MemberPress Creators Have Earned over $1 billion dollars (Milestone Update)

It’s always mind blowing for me to see the impact WordPress makes on the global economy. MemberPress, the leading WordPress membership and course platform, announced today that they have passed the milestone of $1 billion dollars in creator earnings. This is a conservative estimate and likely MemberPress creators have earned way more than that. With the digital acceleration… Read More »